Gm diet for indians and other weight loss tips

The GM diet is not an indian diet at it’s origins but because it got so popular with indian people and it is so effective there has appeared a trend of a so called indian version of it.

This means mostly some switches between the original General Motors foods and some traditional indian recipes.

Because people in this country are more into healthier and more vegan choices this version of the diet might work even better than the original.

As people in India are not big fans of beef as you may know it, there is a different approach and so you can replace the beef with some cottage cheese which will provide a low fat and high protein meal which is very nutritious for your body.

It is recommended that you drink a lot of green tea and eat protein(even if not from animal sources) because both will increase your metabolism and will help you shed fat quickly.

Some additional great protein sources can be tofu, kidney beans, soy or if you prefer even chicken breast.

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Does nutrient timing matter for building muscle?

As you may have heard before  many people in the gym consume  their protein shake right next after workout, not one second later.This “broscience” states that there is a thing called an anabolic window when you are supposed to take your nutrients which is only a few minutes past your workout. This is not true at all!

All the studies confirm the same thing, as there actually is an anabolic window after the workout but the timing is somewhere over 24 hours, so no need to worry if you don’t starve yourself for 24 hours.  Protein synthesis is the same and your body will not lose any muscle if you don’t take your precious whey protein right next to the workout.

My advice is to eat a meal when you get home from the gym , that will do just fine.

Some other broscience is that you have to take in a fast acting source of carbs with low Glycemic Index so that you spike your insulin levels and maximize muscle building. This is also misunderstood as it is no need to consume it so fast after a workout even though a banana could help. Considering that you ate something before your workout in your pre meal that takes out the need for eating any carbs right after gym. But then again, if you eat a good balanced meal right after it will be more than enough.

And in regards to nutrient timing, there is no importance as to when you eat and how you time your meals in a day, but rather the total macronutrient ratio and the number of calories consumed that day. The body works on a much larger time frame and is smarter and more efficient than you think. It will make changes only on your total caloric banace in a larger period of time, so no need to worry for details if you have you macros right.


Is vegetarian diet the most effective?

The answer to that question is most of the times YES.

I know you aren’t shocked, but even so the variables sometimes can change in the favor of the opposite and the same truth may be changed.

It all depends on what type of vegetarian diet we are speaking of. Even so most of the times eating only vegetables will definetelly help you loose weight.

evil fruits Fruits can be evil!

Don’t get me wrong, fruits are great for your health, but because we are speaking here of loosing weight through diet i wanted to emphasize what factors could be in the way of you reaching this goal.

One of them is excess sugar. This mostly comes from magazine food and sodas, but what if you avoid those?

Well, there are still those fruits that you eat and think will make you loose weight if you eat them everyday.

The truth is: both fruits and vegetables will cleanse you organism but be carefull what fruits you eat because you may have a caloric surprise.

If you want to keep loosing weight you should decrease your consumption of bananas regularly along with avocados.This is mostly because both are really rich in calories, even though the avocado contains only good unsaturated fats it still is a fat molecule that has the same number of calories.

Follow a tested vegetarian diet

I am totally into the GM diet and i love it, but how about the vegetarians out there?Well they have the option to pick the vegetarian version of the GM diet that will guarantee an amazing weight loss opportunity.

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GM diet plan – loose 10 pounds in a week

I know it may seem too good to be true but the fact is this gm diet really works and it will help you loose all the weight you wat.That is the best thing about it: you can repeat the program over and over because it doesn’t weaken you and is not that hard to follow either.

gm transformationWhat is the secret behind this diet?

It mostly has to do with the cleansing process that undergoes in the first few days.Mainly the only fruit day and the second vegetable only diet day.

The cleansing process will help you loose fat MUCH faster because, at least in theory it will eliminate most of the toxins accumulated until now and help boost your metabolism responsiveness a lot.

And after all this you will go for the big prize of loosing 10 pounds by eating a clean balanced(but still unconventional) menu consisting of mostly low fat meat, vegetables and even a day full of banana milkshakes and brown rice.

What to do after the diet is over

Most of you don’t trust diets because they are hard to follow more than once and the fact that you may gain the weight back after it is finished is not convincing at all.

That is why this plan is so outstanding compared to others: You can follow this diet meal plan twice per month. At least that is what i recommend you and don’t worry you will not only get used to it, the fact is you will start to enjoy it after some time.

This routine for repeating the diet 2 times a week is mainly used until you reach your perfect weight goal. After that you can have the diet once in a few months just to help you maintain everything.

I would also suggest you to change your lifestyle completely mostly because you require a balanced caloric consumption and consistent exercising for keeping your health up.

Don’t go for the way of the fast foods that easily and make a gym membership to help with your muscle toning.Trust me, lifting weights is the best thing for you body(if done correctly) and that doesn’t apply only to boys but to girls also.

squats for healthI should emphasize how much better a girl that is going to the gym and doing squats looks compared to a “just skinny” girl.

By training the muscles in “that” region you will develop not only a much stronger body but also increase your general aesthetics, because boys REALLY like much more the girls with firm bodies that with flobby shapes.



Does exercise go well with the General Motors diet?

Of course!

You should know that the best exercise for loosing weight fast is simply running, mostly called cardio workout and that is because you can replace running with other cardio exercises and have similar results.I’d like to think of swimming as my next preferred option.

So in conclusion i would like to ad that the GM diet is a great way for a quick weight loss opportunity but keep in mind that you should balance your life through exercise and healthy eating every day of your life.